Do you deliver?

Yes. The fee is approximately $40 each way within the Canberra/Queanbeyan region on booking, depending on location and date. (Delivery Fee is subject to change)

Can I pick up?

Yes, by appointment. The pickup suburb is Kambah ACT.

How big is stuff?

Most items fit in the back of a car (with a reasonable boot) or station wagon. More than 2 tables and 20 chairs and you are starting to push it!

Is there a bond?

Bond...replacement Bond! Ha ha..get it!? Yes, there is a $100 bond payable prior to pick-up to ensure items are returned in the same condition as you received them. This is returned to you on your return of the items hired and inspection.

Do I need to clean items before returning them?

Yes. All items must be returned in the condition they are received. This includes washing cutlery and crockery and wiping down chairs and tables. Thanks.